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Serving Kansas City with the World’s Finest Spirits

Gomer’s is the go-to fine spirits store. We’re the perfect store for bourbon enthusiasts, whiskey lovers, vodka connoisseurs, and all your favorite spirits. Visit our store on 103rd Street and State Line!


Fine Spirits Perfect for All Occasions

Gomer’s offers a wide range of spirits for you to choose from including bourbon, vodka, rum, gin, whiskey, and beyond.

Whether you’re having friends over for a cocktail party, planning for a wedding reception, or simply looking for a new bottle to add to your collection, stop by Gomer’s. Our staff keeps the shelves stocked with best selling spirits and brings in new products to help you find a new favorite.

Visit Gomer’s at 103rd Street and State Line Road today!

We’ll Keep Your Spirits Up

Contact us to help you find all your favorite spirits from the Gomer’s 103rd Street store.

Hand-Picked Selection of Fine Wines from Around the World

Find Your Next Favorite Spirit

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Bourbon, Whiskey, Vodka, Tequila, and More Spirits
Stop by to find the perfect spirits bottle to add to your collection.

Gomer’s Party Planning

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Order Fine Spirits for Your Next Event
Planning parties can be daunting, let us help.

Bourbon, Whiskey & Scotch at Gomer’s 103rd Street


Gomer’s carries the world’s best bourbons. We’re a fine spirits store in Kansas City offering a wide variety of high-quality bourbon. We offer tastings and a wide variety of mixers to help you create the perfect cocktail beverages for you and your guests.


A glass of whiskey is the perfect way to end a long day. Gomer’s is the best place to buy whiskey in South Kansas City because we stock our shelves with popular whiskeys at a great price. Contact us to see if we have your favorite bottle in stock today!


You will enjoy the scotch variety we have in our store. If you’re looking for an easy drinking spirit, then pick up a bottle of scotch. We have popular bottles such as Dewar’s, Monkey Shoulder, Glenfiddich, Ardbeg, Laphroaig and more.

Gin, Rum, Tequila, & Vodka Available at Gomer’s


A refreshing drink for any time of the year. Gin is made from the finest ingredients and mixes well to make a variety of great tasting cocktail beverages. We hope you’ll enjoy the gin products we have in store. Stop by today for your favorite bottle of gin!


At Gomer’s, our goal is to provide a place for people to find their favorite spirits for any event. We specialize in selecting the finest spirits to go with everyone’s favorite cocktail drinks. We carry great tasting rums that you can use in your next cocktail beverage.


The Gomer’s team has been hand-selecting top tequila brands for years. We choose tequilas perfect for sipping, mixing, or throwing it back. Pick up a bottle of Don Julio, Jose Cuervo, Cazadores, or another favorite tequila. Whether you like silver or gold, Gomer’s has a tequila that’s just right for you.


We carry some of the finest spirits in the world including a wide selection of vodka. Mix in a classic Moscow Mule recipe, Cosmopolitan, or as a shot. Gomer’s has high-quality, local and international vodka available for pick up seven days a week.

Quality Brandy & Liqueur from Gomer’s


Brandy, you’re a fine spirit, what a good cocktail drink you would make! Gomer’s brings a nice selection of brandy and cognac from around the world to the store at 103rd Street and State Line Road. Contact us to see if your favorite brandy or cognac is available.


Make the perfect cocktail drink by adding some liqueur. When you visit our store in South Kansas City, you’ll find popular liqueurs such as Bailey’s, Disaronno, Goldschlager, Cointreau, and more brands. Our friendly staff can help you craft the perfect cocktail with fine liqueur in stock.

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